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A paradigm shift in the registration and sign-in process, Affinidi Login is a game-changing solution for developers. With our revolutionary passwordless authentication solution your user’s first sign-in doubles as their registration, and all the necessary data for onboarding can be requested during this streamlined sign-in/signup process. End users are in full control, ensuring that they consent to the information shared in a transparent and user-friendly manner. This streamlined approach empowers developers to create efficient user experiences with data integrity, enhanced security and privacy, and ensures compatibility with industry standards.

Passwordless Authentication

Offers a secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional password-based authentication by eliminating passwords and thus removing the vulnerability to password-related attacks such as phishing and credential stuffing.

Decentralised Identity Management

Leverages OID4VP to enable users to control their data and digital identity, selectively share their credentials and authenticate themselves across multiple platforms and devices without relying on a centralised identity provider.

Uses Latest Standards

Utilises OID4VP to enhance security of the authentication process by verifying user authenticity without the need for direct communication with the provider, reducing risk of tampering and ensuring data integrity.


  • Passwordless login experience for users using Affinidi Login and Affinidi Vault.

  • Supports WooCommerce: Passwordless login, Seamless Customer Onboarding, and Customer profile creation.


You can use the Affinidi Login as a shortcode in your editor. Just add the following to display the button in the page:


More References and Resources

  1. List the available data points in Affinidi Vault here.
  2. Requesting User Data from Affinidi Vault here.
  3. Restrict User Login for your Application here.
  4. For Information on the latest updates and improvements to the Affinidi Trust Network, refer to Changelog page.
  5. Learn more about the plugin here.


Common Errors

Refer list of common issues, misconfigurations, and their resolution to help you get up and running quickly

If you encounter any other issues during the integration, please connect us filling out the Contact Us. One of us will take a look on the Issue.


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Visit Settings > Affinidi Login and follow the steps to configure Affinidi Login

Set up Affinidi Login

To configure the integration with Affinidi Login, Create Login Configuration using Affinidi CLI or Affinidi Developer Portal

How Affinidi Login Works

To learn more how Affinidi Login Works, visit this page for more information.


What is Affinidi Login?

Affinidi Login simplifies and secures login processes with passwordless authentication using OID4VP, empowering users with data control and privacy. It offers flexible integration options and simplified development to save time and resources, making it a game-changing solution for developers. Visit this page to learn more.

What is a Login Configuration, and why do I need it?

A Login Configuration is a setup that allows you to integrate Affinidi Login into your application, enabling a passwordless login experience. It contains essential information such as the name of your configuration, redirect URIs, and client credentials. Visit this page to learn more.

How do I begin implementing Affinidi Login?

To get started, use the Affinidi CLI or Affinidi Portal. This toolset enables developers to create, customise, and manage login configurations, making it easier to integrate Affinidi Login into your applications. For more details, explore our guide on Login Configuration.

How can I reach out for further support?

We are here to help. Please Contact Us and relevant personnel will reach out to assist you further.


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