Quick Paypal Payments


Taking PayPal payments just got easier, one shortcode to collect any amount from anywhere on your site. With Instant Payment Notifications and GDPR compliancy options.


  • Accepts all PayPal approved currencies
  • Fixed or variable payment amounts
  • Easy to use range of shortcode options
  • Fully editable
  • Loads of styling options
  • Multi-language
  • Add custom forms anywhere on your site
  • Downloadable payment records
  • Fully editable autoresponder
  • Instant Payment Notifications
  • GDPR compliant

Go Pro

  • Multiple products – sell up to 9 items at once.
  • Custom Logo for Paypal page
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Personalised Support

PHP 8.0

Tested with PHP 8.0

Developers plugin page

quick paypal payments plugin.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Quick PayPal Payments


  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Plugins’, ‘Add New’ then search for ‘Quick Paypal Payments’.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Activate the plugin.
  5. Go to the plugin ‘Settings’ page to add your paypal email address and currency
  6. Edit any of the form settings if you wish.
  7. Use the shortcode [qpp] in your posts or page or even in your sidebar.
  8. To use the form in your theme files use the code <?php echo do_shortcode('[qpp]'); ?>.


How do I change the labels and captions?

Go to your plugin list and scroll down until you see ‘Quick Paypal Payments’ and click on ‘Settings’.

What’s the shortcode?


How do I change the styles and colours?

Use the plugin settings style page.

Can I have more than one payment form on a page?

Yes. But they have to have different names. Create the forms on the setup page.

Where can I see all the payments?

At the bottom of the dashboard is a link called ‘Payments’.

It’s all gone wrong!

If it all goes wrong, just reinstall the plugin and start again. If you need help then you can use the support forum.


September 9, 2022
CEO Aenigma10 They responded quickly to multiple questions I had before purchasing the plugin. I needed recurring payments for several aspects of my business, and this plugin was the perfect resolution.
January 10, 2022
I had the free version for years and just upgraded to the platinum version and could not be happier. This is the best plugin for a fast and good-looking way to collect any dollar amount the customer chooses to pay.
December 22, 2021
This plugin, immediately just after the installation, asks the permit to collect a lot of information about the website and the users. I refused and than it crashed my website. I had to rename the plugin folder by FTP to restore my WordPress and then immediately delete this plugin. WordPress 5.8.2 Theme: ColorMag (versione 2.1.0) Plugin: Quick Paypal Payments (ver 5.7.17) PHP 8.0.13 Error: Uncaught ValueError: Unknown format specifier ";" in .../wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/ui/admin/class-admin.php:195 Stack trace: #0 .../wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/ui/admin/class-admin.php(195): printf('
May 2, 2019
Works generally well - but currently with a few issues.. Notice Array to string conversion on line 2404 in file ../wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php Notice Undefined variable: res on line 2405 in file ../wp-content/plugins/quick-paypal-payments/quick-paypal-payments.php
March 1, 2018
I searched a lot for wordpress paypal plugins. Most were bulky and not meeting all my needs. I was building a website for a non-profit and needed to accept donations online with paypal, with pre-defined or custom amount. Sounds a simple need but lot of paypal plugins did not have this feature. I landed on this plugin and just fell in love with it! Very easy to set up. Great customization of the form and its styles. Amazing support from Graham who wrote this plugin! And a very affordable and deserving price. What else do you want in a plugin? Thanks to Graham for building this awesome plugin!
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Contributors & Developers

“Quick Paypal Payments” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • fix PHP 8.0 issue


  • fix conflict with WooCommerce


  • fix PHP 8.0 issue


  • security update


  • minor change to allow running on PHP 5.6.4


  • Removed all legacy incontext / PayPal Express code
  • fix issue with other amount

  • Fix issue with double dot


  • Fix issue with products without quantities ( Pro only )


  • fix compatability issue with 8.0.13


  • Add front end to convert amount with comma decimal to point decimal
  • fix display issue on product list ( Pro )


  • Add optional consent display to PayPal item description


  • remove \ during setting sanitizations


  • Correct missing field


  • Allow links in consent label


  • PHP 8.0 compatability


  • Resolve compatibility with Genesis 2.5


  • Improved Country Code selection in personal details and allowed a default and permitted countries


  • fixed email confirmation address


  • offer of gold pro plan
  • removed more debug warnings


  • Library update


  • Fix autoresponder shortcode [amount]
  • Add minimum value to variable amount input validation

= 5.7.3
* closes #23 coupons error message

= 5.7.2
* improve IPN, add IPN debug log, and fix duplicate payment records when using sandbox.

= 5.6.12
* change text

= 5.6.11
* add notices

= 5.6.10
* fix licence issue

= 5.6.9
* fix upgrade library notices

= 5.6.8
* Change of plugin developer

= 5.6.7
* Fixes undefined constant warning
* Hides range slider styles if not used
* Removes MIME from email headers
* Optional paypal checkout logo (business accounts only)


  • Fixes php warning
  • Fixes IPN bug
  • Removes duplicate multiple products field


  • Changed CURL to HTTP


  • Reworked the data processing to make it faster, more secure and less buggy


  • Gutenberg block
  • Better coupon management
  • Fixes missing submit button on error


  • Fixes total amount calculations
  • Fixes email formatting bug
  • Added hook to only load scripts on settings page


  • Fixes processing percent bug
  • Feature to include both fixed and percentage handling
  • Improved notification email


  • Fixes the ‘other amount’ bug on dropdown
  • Fixes the missing stock number
  • Clears undefined indexes and variables
  • Fixed styling inconsistencies
  • Missing data added to notification email
  • Fixes incorrect report headings
  • Option to hide/delete completed transactions
  • Fixes mailchimp/in-context conflict bug
  • Notification emails now show total to pay


  • Removed some undefined variables
  • Removed ‘processing’ option as no longer supported by PayPal
  • New Codice Fiscale field
  • Fixes amount query bug
  • Fixes missing CSV column
  • GDPR compliancy options


  • Fixes recurring payments bug
  • Fixes undefined indexes
  • Fixes processing fee bug
  • Options for field label positions


  • Fixed bug in multiple products


  • Pro option for multiple products
  • Fixed mailchimp bug
  • Removed call to quick-paypal-style.php


  • PHP7 Compatibility
  • Removed undefined indexes
  • Added option to disable IPN log
  • Fixed coupons bug


  • CSS bug fix


  • Required field option on email
  • Option to select custom CSS location
  • Even more bug fixes to recurring payments


  • Bug fix on notifications email
  • Improved recurring payments settings


  • Checkbox option on Options field
  • Improvements to Pro version registration
  • Datepcker field for pro version
  • Custom styles now an external file


  • Improved API
  • Fixes combobox bug


  • In-context payments


  • Fixes MailPoet conflict
  • Fixes CSV download bug
  • Can use commas in preset references


  • Allow quotes and apostrophes in preset reference
  • Fixed total label bug
  • Handle corner styles for the slider
  • Submit button hover styles
  • Styling option for input margins and padding
  • Bug fix on the custom CSS function


  • Slider thickness style
  • User set recurring payments periodicity
  • Fix custom css file bug
  • Style option to centre the submit button


  • Validation and processing without page reload
  • Improved validation
  • Comments field
  • More slider styles
  • Hide styles that are not applicable
  • IPN listener option
  • Option to set periodicity of recurring payments
  • Better CSS
  • Bug fixes on the autoresponder
  • Set email address for confirmation emails
  • Lots of under the hood improvements


  • Autoresponder Shortcodes


  • All new Autoresponder
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Moved scripts to footer
  • Option to combine shipping and processing with total


  • Improved error checking
  • Required field selectors
  • Border styles for required and normal fields
  • Confirmation email after payment (IPN only)
  • Clone settings option
  • Color picker bug fix


  • Instant Payment Notifications
  • Option to display inline radio buttons
  • Updated Pre-population settings
  • Notification emails
  • Improvements to totals field
  • Styling bug fixes
  • Header size selection


  • Dropdown option on selectable fields
  • Bug fix for the $1 problem
  • Improved styling on submit button images


  • Bug fix number_format calculation


  • Bug fix for range slider
  • Bug fix for the postage and handling fee calculation


  • Added option for form Reset
  • Added message for invalid coupon code
  • New range slider field
  • Bug fixes for the Payment Lists
  • Improved total calculation, it now works with radio fields.


  • Currency option to selected decimal points or comma
  • When using multiple amounts you can now have radio or dropdown selectors
  • Bug fix to the ‘item number’ field.


  • Umpteen bug fixes in the payment report/CSV download
  • Added option to send payment lists as an email


  • Bug fix for recurring payments
  • New field to add extra information to the form
  • Live totals option
  • Option to collect personal information
  • Product options now display as a new line on the PayPal page
  • Shipping and handling now display properly on the PayPal page


  • Added field for recurring payment
  • Added code to allow multiple products/prices
  • More shortcode options


  • Better error reporting
  • Option to link to Terms and Conditions
  • Set maximum quantity
  • CSS fix to overide theme settings for line heights


  • Add as many coupons as you like
  • Duplicate coupons across multiple forms
  • Set reference and amount without using shortcodes
  • Pass form variables using queries


  • Bug fix, amounts over 1000 now work properly
  • Added URL queries for reference, amount and coupon


  • Improved coupon support
  • Option to change PayPal locale
  • Payment records now download properly


  • You can now add coupon codes to the form
  • Updated payments reports


  • Fixed error when using % postage or processing fees
  • Fixed bug in image image uploader


  • Bug fix to clear illegal offset warning


  • Added captcha option
  • More forms fields
  • Drag and drop ordering
  • Loads of new styling options


  • Options to add postage and admin charges
  • Option to add the item number to the order.
  • More WordPress 3.8 tweaks


  • Updated to support WordPress 3.8


  • Added the option to display a PayPal logo on the form


  • Closed an XSS security hole
  • Fixed the incorrect shortcode description


  • Multiple form support
  • Dashboard link to display and download payment records
  • Add options to your forms using shortcodes


  • Bug fix: Custom CSS option wasn’t saving properly


  • Added styling options for Submit button
  • Improved form validation and error checking


  • Bug fix: fixed duplicate function name error


  • Bug fix: error in sidebar widget


  • Bug fix: selected currency asn’t being passed to paypal


  • Major upgrade to the admin pages
  • Added loads of styling options
  • Custom error messages and improved validation
  • Faster paypal processing


  • Error checking went wonky. It’s fixed now


  • Now with width options


  • Simplified the processing code


  • Added custom styles option


  • Added choice of plugin or theme styles


  • Initial Issue